About buggy & kids

Since I gave birth to my son, travelling has became a real logistic.
I always feel as if I have to pack the whole house and most of the time,
I find myself refusing to travel just because of all the things I have to take for my son.
Of course, I may not leave my house without my son’s changing bag, but If I could travel without the buggy or the highchair, that would be great !!!

So I decided to create buggy & Kids. The goal is to help parent to pack light without mortgaging the safety and the comfort of their children.

The concept

Travelling with kids is no small feat . It is actually a real logistic . For sure, you can take the cuddly toy  but what about  :

• The buggy
• The bed
• The car seat
• The play mat
• The baby bathtub
• The bottle warmer
• The sterilizer

And this is definitely a non-exhaustive list 🤦‍♀️ 
 Too many things you have to take and so many things you can’t take since the plane is not yours and your car is not extandable yet 😒 .
But let’s be honest, parenthood shouln’t be a hamper to your holiday, parents deserve holyday the most .
From today, unload yourself, feel free to travel light, just take the cuddly toy , Buggy & Kids is handling everything else.
Wherever you are sojourning in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nice or Cannes, Buggy & Kids delivers anything you need to spend pleasurable holiday with your children .
No more hassle, Buggy & Kids is coming to you.

Simply buggy, the bid :

Wherever you are coming from, If you are willing to spend your holiday in France with your children, then the simply buggy is made for you.

With the bid Simply Buggy, you can rent :

The stroller
The highchair
The car seat
The bed
And more

How to rent

You just have to outline your dates, from the first to the last day, on the tab «rentals» to check the availabilities.

The number of days and the price will be displayed.

Pick the product you need and click on rent. The product will be saved in your cart for 20 minutes.

Rental cost

2.80€ per day


The delivery timeframe is 48 hours

If you are sojourning in an hotel, do not forget to indicate your booking number. Your command will be left to the reception.

The return

If you are sojourning in an hotel, you will be contacted by the delivery driver the eve of the last day of your command in order to plan the recovery hour.

The recovery can be the last day of your rental, in the afrernoon. The limit hour is 6:00 pm.

It is possible to foresee the recovery date and place when you rent the equipment.

Cancellation and refund

Cancellation made 48 hours before the delivery day opens right to the reimbursement of the total owing.

For all cancellation made at least 24 hours before the delivery date, only half of the total owing will be reimbursed.


32 Rue des ponts
91150 Morigny-Champigny

Contact us

(+33) 0761522930
(+33) 0677721866



Because with children, help is always welcome😉


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